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Family Vacay

July 24, 2018


There’s honestly nothing better than a family holiday. Reem and I rarely get to travel with our parents so we booked a short trip to Izmir in Turkey for a few days of doing sweet nothing at Club Marvy.

Vacationing at a resort is sometimes all that you need, especially when it’s got enough space for multiple pools, restaurants, beaches and situated on the Aegean coast of Turkey, meaning the weather is incredible, the food is fresh and the people are warm and friendly. Our holiday was so relaxed that our biggest problems were deciding on whether we wanted to hang out by the beach or pool and which restaurant we wanted to try that night. Normally, I don’t like resorts because I feel too boxed in, but there are so many options at Club Marvy that every day there’s something new to explore and you don’t feel the need to leave.

We finally got ourselves into a little rhythm and would spend the mornings enjoying a huge buffet breakfast before heading to Boho Beach Club (adult only) for a few hours. We’d take a break from tanning for lunch, and change the scenery by hanging out at the breathtaking infinity pool before getting ready for drinks and dinner.

All the food at the resort is fresh, organic and even the wine is from the owner’s farm. We loved all of our meals on the resort, but one of the most memorable ones was at Degirmen restaurant which serves traditional Aegean cuisine and is set in an old windmill so it boasts the most incredible sunset views.

We’ve been able to recommend Club Marvy to so many of our friends who are all in the market for different types of vacations, whether it’s something low key, for just eating delicious, fresh food whilst making the most of the incredible weather, or if you’re looking for something super child friendly and fun for the kids (there’s an actual water park in the resort!) then the resort really does tick off all of the boxes.

We spent this five days just re-charging, taking advantage of quality time with our family and soaking up the beautiful weather and atmosphere.

A huge thanks to Club Marvy for hosting us and giving us some wonderful family memories!