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Rambagh Palace

June 10, 2018


Then book your Jaipur stay at Rambagh Palace. From the moment I arrived, I was showered with hospitality fit for royalty. Literally. As I stepped out of my car and onto the steps leading up to the lobby, rose petals were showered over me. I later realised this is a traditional form of welcome and now secretly wish the rest of the world would adopt this epic entrance.

I arrived quite late to the hotel and after a speedy check-in, my bags were sent to my beautiful room before I quickly changed to meet the rest of the crew for dinner in one of the most magnificent dining rooms. We feasted on curries (of course) and caught up before I woke up the next day to the peacocks fluttering outside and the sweet sound of the flute being played in the courtyard.

Rambagh Palace is a converted palace dating back to 1835 and was the royal abode of the Maharaja of Jaipur all those years ago. Walking around you truly get the feeling you’re in a royal setting. I loved that the opulence and richness of Rambagh Palace were not in your face and intimidating. Instead, you felt the history and pride of this hotel through its impeccable service, beautiful rooms and grounds. During one of our days spent free exploring the hotel, I couldn’t help but dress up and pose in competition with the peacocks with one the hotels’ vintage cars. I also adored doing a sunset tour of the grounds and discovering the hidden gems and everything the hotel has to offer against the romantic backdrop of the palace in the distance.

A huge thank you to Taj Hotels for hosting me in Jaipur and to Jet Airways for flying me out to India.