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January 30, 2018


We’ve featured images from El Fenn before, but there’s always so much more to show. Every time I visit the riad, I experience something new, whether it be a new room with a completely different vibe or new dishes on the menu.

During our stay in September, Natalya and I didn’t leave El Fenn for five days. To be fair, I was prepping for my talk at Pure, which was the whole reason for our trip in the first place, and there’s really no need to leave when you have everything you could possibly want in one place.

We had a room right by the courtyard pool, we’d wake up every morning, have a meeting over breakfast on the roof, followed by juggling emails, dipping in and out of the pool, tanning and playing dress up to shoot pictures in some of our favourite corners.

When we finally did leave El Fenn, it was only to go around the corner to the newly refurbished Annex in El Fenn’s ‘Little Sister’. The new pool is gorgeous and the rooms are so cosy, it’s the perfect location to consider if you’re interested in hiring out an entire riad for a private party.

After our little El Fenn stint, we packed up and moved over to be house guests of our dear friends, Fred and Rosena, at their beautiful home in the Palmerie.

For the next five days, we made up for our lack of exploring with a packed schedule of shopping in the souks, visiting the beautiful Arabian horses at Selman and discovering the wonderful world of Dar El Sadaka.

Every time I go to Marrakech, there’s something new that I experience and I’m already craving my next trip.


Designed by Jean-François Fourtou and fully re-furbished by Philippe Forrestier, Dar El Sadaka is the one property, (Marrakech or not), that I can say I have truly never experienced anything like before. 

We visited the weird and wonderful grounds, located in the Palamarie, a little bit before sunset, and explored a few of the bedrooms, the House that Fell from the Sky and the Giants’ House before sitting under a fair lit intimate dinner setting in the gardens with friends.

It’s one of the most magical and surreal places you can imagine, all whilst maintaining a sophisticated flair and leaving you with a taste for wanting to discover more.


The day after mine and Rosena’s successful talk at PURE, Natalya and I decided to celebrate and check ourselves into Selman for a day of training, tanning by the pool and meeting the outstanding Arabian horses in the stables of the hotel. Selman is one of those classic Moroccan hotels, boasting stunning interior, a beautiful pool, delicious food and a gorgeous spa.

I’ve never stayed the night, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to tick it off my list during my next visit.