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A Mini Guide to Cape Town

September 26, 2017


I feel like there’s a fast forward setting on life right now. This Summer has been incredible. Natalya and I have had a few personal changes in our lives and travel became our therapy. We’ve visited seven(!) destinations in the past two months and one of our most memorable was Cape Town.

It was the third stop on our African adventure and one we couldn’t wait to finally experience. Cape Town seems to be a destination of everyone’s radar right now, we had so many guides and lists of places to eat and things to do sent to us from friends and we just wanted to tick everything off in the four days we had planned to be there, but of course, life doesn’t always work out the way you plan, well at least the weather doesn’t.

Thanks to a forecast of utter misery, we pretty much had to veto all of our plans and completely wing this trip, it turned out wonderful, but our guide is a lot less ‘rich’ than we’d expected to be offering you, so, until our next Cape Town visit, you’ll have to enjoy this mini ‘to-do’ list.


Arriving at The Silo was exactly what we needed after a week of camping in Botswana. We checked into ‘the pink room’ which was a suite set on two floors overlooking the water with the most magical views of the mountains. I feel like I’m challenged by my own statements consistently when it comes to describing my travels, but this was probably one of the best hotel suites I’ve ever stayed in (I’ve definitely said that before, but the pink room officially trumps them all). I loved the decor, the fluffy pillows, the big, beautiful freestanding bath overlooking the sunset from the floor to ceiling windows, and after a week of camping and running out of clean socks, I was also very grateful for the laundry service.


Our first day in Cape Town was spent enjoying The Silo and all of the above, on day two, we were blessed with beautiful weather, the sun was shining and the temperature was mild, so we decided to take advantage of this and hike up Table Mountain. It took us about 90 minutes to get to the top and I’d definitely describe it as a workout (coming from someone who regularly trains), but it was highly worth it, the views are incredible and after hiking in Thailand and loving the experience, I’ve decided that it’s is a great way to experience the nature of a new destination and get a killer workout in during travels.

Day three offered the kind of weather you enjoy doing sweet nothing to, it was so cold, rainy and windy and to be honest, we were secretly happy to have an excuse not to leave The Silo, so we spent the day working from the hotel and taking advantage of the gym and bathtub.

And finally, on our last day, things perked up slightly so we headed out to enjoy some local gems such as Truth Coffee, Unframed (for ice cream), Kloof St House, and we may or may not have spent a small fortune at this amazing independent sunglasses store called Third Eyewear.

Although we’re sad we didn’t get to experience all of the things on our lists such as visiting a winery or penguin beach, it just gives us an excuse to head back to Cape Town and further explore this beautiful city.

If you’re planning a trip, expect a lot of value for your money, some of the friendliest people you’ll ever encounter and delicious food and wine.