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Our African Adventure

August 5, 2017


It’s experiences like our latest one, that have me pinching myself, and counting my blessings for being able to call this my job. We’ve been getting so many questions about our safari in Botswana and we’re so excited to finally be sharing more of it with you. It’s been a whirlwind of a trip, and one that will go down as one of the most unforgettable of our lives!

When Reem asked me to join her on a safari in Botswana with andBeyond, I, of course, dropped everything I had coming up and offered her a big fat ‘yes‘. It was going to be a bit of a challenge for the two of us to be away at the same time with work (we were told online connection would be unavailable during the safari), but we knew that we had to make it happen. Our African adventure has been second to none and as you can imagine, one that resulted in a lot of photos, so we’ll be sharing everything with you in parts. This will be our introduction, and it all starts in Dubai, where an Emirates chauffeur picks us up to catch our night flight to Johannesburg.


Reem and I were booked onto the 4 am Emirates flight to Jo’burg from Dubai International (Emirates flies to Johannesburg three times a day) and we relished in the idea of being able to catch some sleep on a Business Class flight for a few hours. I’m not sure what it is about sleeping on a night flight, but we both love it, especially when the seat goes all the way back. We rarely get to travel on the same flights, we normally either meet each other at our destinations or have to fly separately as we’re usually starting off in different cities, but getting to spend a few hours on a flight together is always the best way to start a trip.

The flight from Dubai to South Africa was just under seven hours, we boarded, found our seats, got our essentials ready, (some socks, hand cream and our eye masks) courtesy of the lovely Emirates x Bulgari amenities bag and settled in for a comfy journey. We managed to catch a few hours of sleep sandwiched in between in-flight movies from Emirates’ entertainment centre, ICE.

ICE is one of the things we absolutely love about Emirates. It offers such a great variety of movies and TV shows on a screen that’s actually worth watching something on, and it’s crazy to think that we spend so much time on Emirates flights (mostly to and from London and Dubai) that we actually notice when new movies have been added to the library…

I watched Hidden Figures whilst eating my continental breakfast as the sun came up over South Africa, it’s always such a comfortable journey in the Emirates Business Class cabin (well, even in Economy, which is the class we usually fly) that I never want the flight to end, but regardless of how comfortable and cosy I was on board, I couldn’t wait to finally get to Johannesburg and start our epic adventure.


The plan was to spend a night in Johannesburg, purely to be in the country on time to catch our internal flight to Botswana, where we would be experiencing our andBeyond Safari. We stayed at The Westcliff, a Four Season’s hotel, and decided that the best use of our time, was to re-coup, and rest before our upcoming journey, so instead of exploring the city, we stayed put in our hotel, booked ourselves in for a signature massage each at the beautiful spa, a room service lunch and finally, drinks followed by dinner on the rooftop, which boasted the most stunning fiery sunset over the city’s landscape.

Reem and I spent the rest of our evening relaxing (even more). She ran a bath, I applied a face mask, we played some Drake and 6lack from our portable speaker and prepped our inboxes and clients for a week off the internet.

The following morning, we woke up at sunrise and enjoyed the most delicious breakfast, back on the rooftop, before checking out and making our way back to the airport for our short flight to Kasane, Botswana.

The second part of our adventure starts there, and to describe it briefly, it was nothing short of memorable, but you’ll see soon…

Thank you to andBeyond for inviting us on this memorable adventure and Emirates for sponsoring our flights.