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Beach Days

July 7, 2017


In collaboration with Accessorize

Beach days have been consistent in our lives since we can remember. There’s nothing quite like pitching up a little spot on the sand and making it your own for the day, whether it’s just to catch up on our latest reads, hang out with our friends or just zone out for a few hours, solo, beach days are never a bad idea.

Last weekend, Reem and I grabbed a mini cool box, some essentials and headed out to Dubai’s Kite Beach for a healthy dose of Vitamin D. As part two of our collaboration with Accessorize and their In The Moment campaign, we thought we’d share one of the past times that we both share a mutual love for.

Whenever I’m visiting Natalya in Dubai, we make time for our beach days. There’s no better bonding than when it’s done in nature. Our beach days can either go two ways, with music playing from a speaker, junk food, nonstop conversation and swimming in the sea, or complete silence with nothing but the birds in the distance and the waves crashing to keep us company. Sometimes, the latter is my personal favourite, where we don’t even need to necessarily talk, just know that we’re both there, completely zoning and enjoying being in the moment.

One of the questions we each get asked a lot is how we handle being so close as sisters, friends and also business partners, and in short, the way we make it work is by making sure there’s plenty of time for doing absolutely nothing. We’ve both been close since we were little and grew up in Africa by the sea, so the beach gives us a sense of nostalgia and just makes us feel at home.