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Suhoor with Pierre Marcolini

June 10, 2017


Ramadan is one of my favourite times of the year and I don’t think there’s a better place to spend it than in Dubai. It may be 40 degrees Celsius outside but the atmosphere and energy in the city are just magnifying right now. To make it even more special, Reem decided to spend Ramadan here in Dubai with me and the family and we’ve been having so much fun so far.

We’ve been sharing snippets of our experience so far on Instagram Stories and getting so many questions from followers who aren’t very aware of what Ramadan is all about or who didn’t know it came with such a busy social schedule.

To fill you in briefly, Ramadan is a thirty day period once a year when Muslims all over the world observe fasting and give charity. Fasting starts at sunrise and breaks once the sun sets, so during daylight hours, we don’t eat or drink water. It’s a lot easier than it sounds and is and amazing way to detox your mind and body.

As well as getting used to fasting again, our work and social schedules have completely flipped. We’re now getting up around midday, and sleeping just before sunrise which is at 4 am, (this has been the hardest adjustment so far). We spend the majority of our days working in my home office or running errands, attempting a gym session and then prepping for Iftar (breaking of the fast) and Suhoor, which is usually a gathering which takes place a little later on in the evening, it consists of friends and family coming together, spending the night playing games, nibbling on light bites, tea and of course, desert. Besides the zen, spiritual side of Ramadan, Suhoor has to be one of our favourite elements of the month.

From private Suhoor’s at friends’ homes or fashion related Suhoor’s with some of our favourite brands such as Louis Vuitton, Suhoor’s can be set up any way you like, but usually consist of the same core elements, and we’re very proud to be collaborating with one of our favourite chocolatiers, Pierre Marcolini, to talk you through prepping for your own Suhoor.

We’d like to thank Pierre Marcolini  for sponsoring this post. 

Set the Scene

 A Suhoor should feel very relaxed, set the scene with candles, arrange fresh flowers and make sure you’re using your best trays, tea set and crockery. Even though it’s a very chilled out experience and you want your guests to feel at home, it’s still a very special occasion.

Traditional Touches

What makes a Suhoor stand out from any other social gathering, is that it’s traditional during Ramadan. So this is where you can add traditional touches such as dates, fresh fruits, Arabic sweets, tea and everyone’s favourite games.

My personal favourite is a very well known Arabic card game called Tarneeb. It’s so addictive that you might have a hard time getting people to go home.

Something Special

This is where Pierre Marcolini come in with their ‘Summer of Dream’ collections, it’s the perfect addition for a Suhoor or any other special occasion.

We’ve got our hands on a selection of three different sized boxes, all carrying slightly different assortments filled with Caramel Truffles (these have just been launched as a Middle East special), a selection of Songes and the delicious Duo Barre² Chocolat. I can’t really decide on which is my favourite as truthfully, they’re all so delicious, but the best thing about this particular collection is that it has a healthy element to it.

The ingredients in the chocolates range from quinoa, sesame, spelt barley and seasonal fruits. So combinations such as ‘quinoa praline and raspberry ganache coated in dark chocolate’ can be expected, and they are such a hit with everyone- the perfect indulgent without the guilt trip.

For any Suhoor, a special treat such as this is always good to break out, and it’s even better if they look good on display, we love the colour pop that the Summer of Dreams collection brings to the table.

You can shop Pierre Marcolini here and in London, you can find Pierre Marcolini in Selfridges, Harrods and Marylebone High Street.