Dior Rouge

May 20, 2017


I don’t think there is a more iconic shade of lipstick. Red lips can change your mood, take a simple monochrome look from cool to classic and I for one, definitely don’t apply a red lip enough. I have a huge collection and I love fantasising about a sexy red lip during the day, but sometimes the maintenance of keeping it looking fresh all day long is a little bit too taxing.

For times when I am ready to make the effort, I have a whole routine planned, it’s not vigorous but it’s certainly necessary, so I’ve noted my two-step system below in the hopes to inspire myself to go red more often, and hopefully some of you, too.

Various shades from Dior’s Rouge collection are always a permanent fixture in my lipstick collection and since being introduced to their Lip Glow, I’ve used it before every single daily lipstick application, but no time is it more useful than before a red lip application.

I either apply the balm or if my lips are in need of more vigorous moisturising, I use their Lip Sugar Scrub, which offers more of an exfoliation. I’ve been used to applying this from a tub, but now that I have it in the form of a stick, it’s so easy to take around with me and apply all the time. Once my lips are soft and moisturised, (the aim is to essentially have an even surface to apply the lipstick), I line my lips with a matching liner and then carefully, either with a brush (if I’m not pressed for time) or a steady hand, I apply my shade.

Et voila, you go from 0-classic in less than 5 minutes.

Photography: Kit Lee 


Lip Glow BalmLip Sugar Scrub | Contour Lip Liner | Rouge Lipstick

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