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Three Days in Montenegro

May 16, 2017


Following on from my last post, I’m still in my Montenegro state of mind and have been looking forward to sharing more from my three-day stint in this beautiful country, especially as it’s the first time in what feels like forever, that I’ve been able to share a travel destination with you so soon after I’ve experienced it.

I took a British Airways flight super early last Tuesday morning and flew into Montenegro, just a couple of days after arriving from my birthday trip to Thailand, to spend a few relaxing days with the girls from Octavia Hix as well as some old friends and new. The flight was only about 2 hours long and after a quick drive from Dubrovnik airport, I was finally in Porto Montenegro, checked into the classicly beautiful Regent Porto Montenegro and ready to explore.

The way I’d describe Porto Montenegro is like a mini Monaco, there are strips of beautiful boutiques, an array of Mediterranean restaurants, yachts big and small lining the port and although the weather wasn’t really on our side during the trip, I could tell that on a sunny Summer’s day, the buzz and atmosphere here on the port would be spot on. It was the perfect destination to celebrate the launch of a brand new, limited edition marbled print exclusive to Regent Porto Montenegro by Octavia Hix.

Thank you to Octavia Hix for inviting me, Regent Porto Montenegro for the hospitality and British Airways for flying me out. 


DRESS (worn as a top): Octavia Hix | SHORTS: Levi’s 


I’m so pleased that we had an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Montenegro, Kotor. It’s about a 25-minute speedboat ride from the port and the journey could have lasted hours if you ask me because, even after a recent trip to the Amalfi Coast, I can safely say, Montenegro has one of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Mountains surround you near and far, houses are dotted all over and the water is the calmest and most stunning colour of dark emerald green. I was just in awe.

When we arrived at the coastal town of Kotor, we were all just thinking of how perfect it would be as a location for Game of Thrones. It’s one of the most historically picturesque towns I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, and walking around exploring all of the little streets had me reminiscing of my time in Amalfi. The streets are cobbled, coloured shutters line the facades of the buildings and when you look up, you’re reminded of your archaic surroundings thanks to the ancient walls which stretch for over 4km above the city.

The next time you find yourself in Montenegro, make sure Kotor is on your list.