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Mindful in the Maldives

May 10, 2017

Mind, Body, Soul

At the end of last year, I was given a new set of wellness challenges by one of my dear friends and personal trainer, Joslyn. A few of these daily tasks included things such as meditation, stretching, practising my midline (which is training my core by planking every day), giving gratitude and journaling.

Our honeymoon to The Maldives couldn’t have been at a better time because it was right in the middle of my eight-week challenge and was the perfect destination to practise the above. I had also set myself the challenge of swearing off social media for the week and this was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

Whether it was from the deck of our water villa at sunset, or finding a quiet spot on the beach after a yoga class, I found that staying in touch with my mindfulness couldn’t have been easier or more enhanced in such a tranquil and serene location such as the Conrad. As well as keeping up with all of my new mindful goals, disengaging from uploading or scrolling through Instagram and Twitter was something I had no idea my mind was craving so badly.

For a lot of people in my position (as someone whose livelihood is based on the internet and social media), it was such a scary prospect to take time off from it all, but in reality, it didn’t affect a single aspect of my business. Yes, sometimes it’s fun to scroll through and engage with my social media community so some might not see a detox as a necessity, but imagine how many hours, day in, day out that we tally up just browsing, scrolling, liking and uploading,  so a week off from doing all of that can do wonders for our mental health. Not only does it allow us to experience the present in a different way, but I found that it gave me space to focus on my personal growth and positivity, rather than keeping up with everyone else’s.

I’m not saying it’s going to be a regular occurrence, but I would like to try another detox soon and I’d highly recommend it to anyone reading this, especially if you’re a fellow blogger/influencer/Instagrammer, or whatever we’re labelled as these days(!).

During my honeymoon at the Conrad, one of my favourite places to take ten minutes to myself and meditate was at the ‘Quiet Zone’, right opposite the yoga pavilion, I’d enjoy the sound of the waves crashing and nothing else, as the blue sky turned into the most exuberant shades of pink and orange.

It’s so easy to forget about these small practices which have the ability to better our mind and bodies every day, but a little bit of routine makes all the difference and I’m so grateful I was able to experience them in such a beautiful setting. Being in those surroundings enhanced the experience of what it is to truly be in touch with mind, body and soul. I’ve listed a few tips on how you can give your mind and body some peace the next time you’re away.

 Thank you to Conrad Maldives, for the generous hospitality.

Stay at Peace on the Go…

 If you can take a digital detox, do, it feels great to switch off from social media and will you do your mind a world of difference. 

You are what you eat, if only for a few days, try and consume only the best food for your body, you’ll look and feel so much better for it. 

Spend at least ten minutes by yourself each day, focus on the things you’re grateful for and if you can, meditate.  

Take a break from makeup, doing your hair or worrying about what to wear. Just be as natural as possible, a few days off of cosmetics and heat is great for your skin and hair. 


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