In The Indian Ocean

May 7, 2017


One of the best things to do when you’re somewhere like The Maldives is explore the ocean. Staying at the Conrad offers you so much in this department, as soon as you check in you’re invited to go and pick up some snorkelling gear which you can call your own for your entire stay, which is more than enough incentive to check out all that there is to offer underwater.

Apart from having so many locations on the resort to snorkel, (including a beautiful house reef), there are also multiple excursions you can book, such as snorkel hopping and a snorkelling safari. Jenai and I opted for a snorkelling safari, and this included a few stops in some of the most beautiful coral reefs.

I attempted to film so much underwater, but alas, you can’t control sea life, and when I did have my GoPro at hand, the fish decided to be shy, and of course, when my GoPro had been stowed away, we saw the most vibrant and varied fish and even a turtle. It was so frustrating not to capture all of this for you, but you’re just going to have to take my word for it! The waters in the Indian Ocean are just full of beautiful creatures. Stingrays, reef sharks, multicoloured fish of all sizes, turtles and if you’re lucky, whale sharks. We didn’t get to see a whale shark yet, but I’m hoping to tick this off my list before the end of the year.

If you’re not the most comfortable swimmer, or if you’re nervous about being in the sea, I can only advise you to give it a go. My first time trying out snorkelling, I was absolutely petrified, but I took the plunge and jumped straight in, as soon as my head was under the water, and I  found a rhythm breathing through my snorkel, I was completely mesmerised by what I could see that I forgot about all my fears.

Trust me, the experience definitely outweighs the nerves, you won’t regret it. I did manage to create a little montage for you from some of my swimming in the resort, I hope you enjoy it.

A huge thank you to Conrad Maldives for the wonderful hospitality.