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Honeymoon in Paradise

April 23, 2017

Conrad Maldives

The Maldives is probably the most cliché honeymoon destination of all time, but it’s cliché for a very, very good reason. It’s the closest thing to my interpretation of paradise that I’ve ever come across, and I’m pretty sure that’s a majority opinion as well.

Imagine being in the most serene and beautiful location, and then add your partner there by your side, and finally, top it off with the high of having just wrapped up the most incredible event of your lives together and you have yourself one very ideal recipe for the perfect honeymoon.

Jenai and I knew that The Maldives would always be where we went to take a well deserved week off and not only did we take a break from work, but I also did my very first digital detox during this week. It was 100% the best decision I made. I didn’t check, upload or scroll through a single social media app the entire time and it felt amazing to just be in the present, creating memories with my husband.

This wasn’t my first visit to Conrad Maldives, Natalya, mum and I had visited a couple of years before, but it was the first time for Jenai and even though we could have gone somewhere completely new for both of us, (The Maldives is not short of luxury resorts), I knew that it had to be Conrad.

We booked ourselves in for 6 nights, three nights in a water villa and three in a beach villa. We spent the majority of our days lounging, swimming and exploring the ocean, eating our weight in fresh seafood and curries and pretty much having the time of our lives.

I’d like to thank Conrad Maldives for hosting me and Jenai for the first half of our trip, your hospitality is second to none!



The Water Villa

Sleeping in a water villa is a very special experience. If you’re a fan of the ocean then this is pure bliss. I grew up by the sea and all of my fondest childhood memories include splashing in and out of the water and swimming to my heart’s content. So there’s something about the sound of soft waves crashing all night, surrounding me that makes me feel very peaceful and happy. I know it’s the same for Jenai because he was for sure a fish in his past life, the man loves being in or around the sea.

Jenai and I adored our time in the water villa, we would wake up, head off to breakfast and come straight back to lounge on our terrace, or dip into the jacuzzi and then we’d gear up in our snorkel masks for a dip in the sea, straight from our very own staircase.

In the evenings, after dinner, we’d just sit and watch the stars before heading to bed. It was such a relaxing and ridiculously romantic experience.

I did try and capture some starry night shots, but my photography skills are lacking in that area slightly. 

The Food

There’s a choice of up to 12 restaurants to choose from on the resort, we really wanted to experience each vibe so we avoided staying in and ordering room service. One of our favourite evenings was spent at Koko Grill. It’s on the ‘Quiet Zone’ of the resort and houses only 12 diners, each enjoying ten courses of Japanese cuisine. It’s all open air so as you watch the chefs create their masterpieces, the sun is setting in front of view and is just the ideal dinner situation for a couple.

Another favourite restaurant of mine is Mandhoo, which is located over water. We went for dinner but made sure we headed back around 1 pm the next day, to catch a glimpse of the chefs feeding the sharks. It was insane!

For our daily lunches, we’d enjoy seafood by the beach at Rangali Bar, it had a great vacation vibe to it. I’d dip in and out of the sea, sip on pina colada’s and feasted on the yummiest fresh seafood.

The Beach Villa

When we opted to split our time between a beach and water villa, I genuinely thought there was no way any other accommodation could compare to staying in a water villa. But I was wrong. I fell in love with our beach villa. We had an outdoor bath, outdoor shower, outdoor bathroom, a little pool and a passageway to the beach. It was just heavenly. I would have like five showers a day, completely unnecessarily, just so I could experience as many of these blissful showers as possible. I genuinely felt like a little kid. Waking up, dashing to get my bikini on so I could walk onto the beach, run into the sea or just hang out in a hammock reading my book.

We had an outdoor bath, outdoor shower, outdoor bathroom, a little pool and a passageway to the beach. It was just heavenly. There’s something so novel about showering or bathing outside under stars, especially in such beautiful weather and in such a lovely location. I couldn’t get enough of it!

The beach villas are newly refurbished and are perfect for a couple, but I can also imagine how great they’d be if you were visiting with a group of friends or with your family. The fact that you can just walk out of your terrace and be in front of such a beautiful beach does not get boring quickly, we were lucky enough to have a hammock right outside, so it was the perfect place to take advantage of my digital detox and just zone out.

Just thinking back to the vibes I had at this beautiful villa makes me feel so happy. As a result of mixing it up and going for two different room types, we felt like we had two completely different (yet equally wonderful) experiences.

Coming up in my next post, an underwater adventure at Conrad Maldives.