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The Best Cherry Blossoms in London

April 16, 2017


April is one of my favourite months of the year, not just because it’s my birthday month (hello thirty!), but because Spring officially comes alive. They say the start of your year actually begins in April and I completely understand why. Everyone is finally in a rhythm after the Christmas period and you walk around with a new sense of life, spring cleaning is taken into action and the weather finally starts to get tolerable. Another reason to fall in love with April has to be for the love of the blossoms, all of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

I haven’t quite managed to fit Tokyo into my April plans, (perhaps next year), so instead, I got to researching and found out that Greenwich Park boasts some of London’s finest cherry blossom trees, so I figured a little picnic would be the perfect way to enjoy them. The avenue of cherry blossoms is behind Ranger’s House, which also boasts a beautiful rose garden, and there are so many picture perfect locations to enjoy a sunny afternoon. I was so worried they blossoms wouldn’t be in bloom anymore, (these images were taken just a few days ago), but when Kit and I got there, they were all perfectly pink and still boasting their petals.

We found the most idyllic little spot for our picnic, right under a low hanging tree and until a little dog came running over and licked all of my delicious pastries, everything was just perfect!

Thank you to Kit for capturing the most stunning photos! 


T-SHIRT: Monki | JEANS: ASOS | MULES: Raye | BAG: Comptoirs des Cotonniers | JACKET: Topshop | EARRINGS: Carousel