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The Ultimate Girls Getaway

April 13, 2017


I had the pleasure of first visiting Rangali Island back in 2015 for a lovely holiday with my sister and mum. I fell in love with the island, the Conrad and all of its staff that it quickly became my favourite place on earth. Ever since then, I’ve been figuring out exactly when my next stint in The Maldives, particularly at Conrad, could possibly be.

When one of my best friend’s Danielle and I were talking about going away together for some sunshine and zen, we didn’t want to venture too far away from Dubai and so Conrad seemed like the perfect place to return to. We took five days out of our busy schedules and instantly booked our flights.

Conrad Maldives is a quick four-hour plane ride from Dubai so it’s really an amazing destination to travel to if you’re looking to experience some island life. A lot of people assume that a resort like this, especially one in The Maldives is reserved for couples or honeymooners, but what I love most about Conrad is the fact that they cater to every kind of vacationer.

A huge thank you to Conrad Maldives for their kind hospitality. 


Upon arrival, we checked into our water villa, surrounded by crystal clear waters and sunset views, it was the perfect space for the next five days. Our plans refrained us from spending a lot of time in the villa but when we were there, we made sure to make the absolute most of it.

I have to say, it was also the best workspace for when I had to sit and go through emails, I couldn’t ask for a better view when dealing with a heaving inbox and if you were in the mood to just forget about work for a bit and dive into the ocean, all you had to do was walk down your very own staircase leading straight into it.

I’d highly recommend renting masks and flippers as soon as you check in, so you’re ready to dive and explore the beautiful crystal clear waters from the get go.


The beach on Rangali Island is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, think white powdery sand, slanted palm trees and the clearest most inviting waters. We found ourselves exploring every inch the island had to offer, from swimming with baby sharks to paddle boarding, there was always something to do. One of the things I love most about Conrad is that it’s spread across two islands adjoined by a bridge, one side is super casual and very family oriented, and then there’s the quiet zone, dedicated to laying out, reading your books and enjoying the completely unspoilt views.

Snorkelling is an absolute must, there’s just something so calming about going underwater and seeing all the beautiful sea life and the coral, it’s like a whole other world down there. Danielle and I had slight reservations about diving in at first, but trust me, once you’re in, there’s no getting you out! You will want to spend hours with your mask and flippers on just swimming around and seeing what you can spot, and that’s just the house reef! If you venture off on a snorkelling excursion, you will have the best time.

If you want to lay around and do absolutely nothing, the best view in the house is at the Quiet Zone’s infinity pool. It is so zen and peaceful there that there’s no way you’d remember a single worry or stress.

We split our time between both islands, we normally started our days off in the Quiet Zone for a few hours and then headed to the main beach for lunch followed by some paddle boarding. Ahh, just thinking about this is having me crave a vacation again!


There’s no way you can visit a resort like Conrad and not try their beautiful overwater spa. Before even arriving, I made sure to book myself in for a treatment, and instead of something generic such as a Swedish massage, I decided to opt for their ‘Maldivian Indigenous Treatment’. This consisted of a coconut scrub and a scalp massage followed by a full body massage using heated coconut sticks. It was hands-down the best treatment I’ve ever had, and once the treatment had ended, I had a very surreal shower outside on the terrace, there’s something so refreshing about showering outside with nothing but sea surrounding you, it was the perfect end to my spa day.

I ended up sticking around for a while, found myself a little quiet spot to have a read and enjoy some downtime alone.


For Danielle and I this was taking your typical girls trip to the next level. I couldn’t have asked for a better location to spend five days with my best friend, we’ve known each other for years but still managed to learn so much about each other (and ourselves during the trip). We shared some unforgettable moments, from diving in the middle of the ocean together and facing our fears to dying of laughter whilst trying to learn how to pull off Maldivian dancing in front of all the other guests at the resort, during one of the hotel’s live music performances. We had the absolute time of our lives and we’ll never forget it.

Some of my favourite places to eat at the resort are Ithaa, the world’s first underwater restaurant, dining on the beach during sunset at the Quiet Zone for a Champagne and Lobster BBQ, enjoying a 10+ course meal at Koko Grill and  just keeping it simple with a delicious burger and fries at Rangali Bar in between dips into the sea at lunch time.

 One more thing about Conrad. The staff treat you like family. I hadn’t been back for two years but they all remembered my face, and some of them even my name from my last trip and that made me feel so special and at home. My list of highlights from here are endless, so instead of going on about them for hours, I’ll just look forward to creating more incredible memories at Conrad. Until the next time Rangali Island!