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La Mamounia

March 26, 2017


One of the best things about weddings and celebrations, in general, is the bringing together of family, and although Natalya and I are not short of seeing each other, regardless of our huge geographical distance, we don’t often get to travel to new places together. So we made sure that post-wedding celebrations, her, Jenai and I would enjoy a few extra days in Marrakech alongside our brother and best friend, Farah.

I feel so lucky to be able to say that La Mamounia kindly hosted my bridal shower in their beautiful gardens a couple of days before the wedding, and it was such a lovely afternoon filled with delicious pastries and some of my best friends and family. Not everyone had flown in yet so not all of my girls were able to join me but regardless, it was so special.

Jenai and I also couldn’t believe it when we found out that, as a wedding gift, La Mamounia offered us two nights in their magical hotel. Natalya,Β Kareem and Farah booked in the same dates and we literally didn’t leave the hotel for three days. We spent so much time just lounging by the pool, being lazy and ordering room service for pretty much every meal. Natalya and I snapped our way through our favourite patios in the hotel and it was just aΒ wonderful way to end our wedding week.

The memories we made together will be with us for a lifetime. Our suites joined so we could dip in and out of each other’s terraces and I’ll never forget just sitting out there for hours as well talked, ate and laughed those nights away.

We’d both love to say a HUGE thank you to La Mamounia for hosting us and being so generous over those few days, your hotel will forever hold a dear place in our hearts and memories.






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