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Creating a Salon Manicure at Home

March 17, 2017


I rarely have the luxury to go and get my nails done, which is why I’ve become completely accustomed to gel. It lasts for weeks without chipping, meaning salon trips don’t have to be at the top of my to-do list. But, there are definitely times, like when I have a big meeting, a shoot or I simply just need to use my hand as a prop in an Instagram picture, that I am very thankful, I learned how to create a salon-worthy manicure at home. This is mainly due to the fact that one of my best friends is an extremely talented nail tech and she gave me some professional tips to getting it right at home, (thank you, Pamper Puff).

To share my new found tips with you, I collaborated with one of the UK’s top nail care brands, Sally Hansen to bring you my five easy steps when it comes to creating a salon manicure at home using Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Rustic Charm Collection.

Full disclosure, Sally Hansen makes it super easy to create such a neat and pretty manicure because their brushes are just so good, and with Miracle Gel being the second best thing to a gel manicure at a salon, the outcome of my at-home mani was just as glossy and healthy looking as the salon alternative.

This post is in collaboration with Sally Hansen. All opinions and advice shared, are my own! 


Before even getting to the point of a good manicure, I’d advise, anyone, to care for their hands and nails on a daily basis.

Invest in a good hand cream and cuticle oil and use both frequently. I’ve recently gotten myself into the habit of adding cuticle oil to my nail beds every night before bed, if you leave it on your nightstand or on your desk, it’s easier to remember and this makes such a difference to your nails.

Also, and I’m going to state the obvious here, If you’re a nail-biter, definitely try and stop that as soon as possible, trust me, I was in the same boat, but your hands will thank you for it later.

Now for the first step to my at home salon manicure. File and shape your nails. I went for an almond shape, not the easiest to do alone, so when I’m less patient, I opt for a round shape.


Step two- Buff your nails. It’s my favourite part because it’s the bit I feel like I could do with my eyes close. Buffing your nails creates a soft and even layer and gives the polish something to anchor to.


  All of the colours in the Rustic Charm Collection are very on trend for Spring and gave me a terrible case of indecisiveness but in the end, I went for something other than nude (shock), and opted for number 434 – ‘Poppy Patch’.

As your third step, simply apply the polish to your nails and double up with a second coat for a balanced colour, (it’s around now you’ll be saying a little thank you to Sally Hansen for making their brushes so easy to use).


  It’s inevitable that we’re going to make mistakes and get polish in places we don’t need it, so have a small angled brush and some nail polish remover handy so you can tidy up any messy bits.


After you’ve allowed your polish to dry and tidied up, it’s time for the top coat. This secures your polish, keeps it looking glossy, even and healthy. The Miracle Gel top coat is especially good as it creates a gel-like finish to your manicure without the need of a light and it can be used in the same simple way as a polish.

Just glide it over your nails.

A tip I was given from aforementioned best friend/pro earlier, is to apply a little cuticle oil to your nail beds as your nails are drying, and once dry, smooth over your nails for an extra long lasting glossy effect.