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And She Smiles

March 11, 2017

I’m finally sharing my new smile with you all! Before I even begin, please expect world’s largest gallery of close-up pictures ever, I guess it’s the one time that it’s appropriate but just thought I’d give you fair warning before getting started. It’s probably also one of my longest posts to date but I wanted to give you a thorough breakdown of my experience at Dr Apa, the clinic which I chose to go with to create my new smile.

I’ve lacked in confidence when it comes to my smile for as long as I can remember. Growing up and throughout my adult years, I would do all I could to cover my mouth and hide my teeth, I mean, my teeth weren’t even that bad, I had braces when I was a teenager, so they were fairly straight but I had a few issues with the way they sat in my mouth as well as the shape of one or two of them. I had heard about veneers but never really knew how the process worked and to be honest, I was a little apprehensive because of some of the horror stories that I came across when researching the process, But when I waws referred to Dr Apa’s clinic in Dubai, everything changed. I booked myself in for a consultation and my apprehension was completely gone.

Now, this is going to seem so advertorial lead but by no means is this post sponsored, it’s written out of my sheer enthusiasm for Dr Apa and my experience. The minute I walked into the clinic I knew I was in good hands, the interior is so chic, think natural light, gold fixtures, marble table tops, just everything you’d want in your home and for your Instagram feed. The staff were friendly, my favourite album was playing in the background and all apprehensions of feeling like your paying a visit to the dentists disappears.

Dr David Montalvo handled my appointment, I explained what I didn’t like about my teeth and the effect it’s had on my confidence throughout the years and within 30 minutes of my appointment, he had done a mock-up of my dream smile and explained how simple the process of veneers could be. We decided that I’d get a full top row of veneers and from that moment on, I couldn’t wait for the results.

I wasn’t very excited for the next step. Having to get my temporary veneers put in meant having injections in my mouth and this was something I was absolutely dreading but thankfully it really wasn’t as bad as I thought.

After a good two hours in the chair, my temporaries were in and they felt pretty normal. The point of having these placed in first is to make sure I’m happy with the shape, colour and size. I was supposed to let Dr David know if I wanted anything changed or tweaked but I was so happy with everything so no changes were needed.

A couple of weeks and a lot of getting used to my new smile later, it was time to put the veneers in. I fell asleep during the two-hour process and woke up with a brand new smile. I won’t lie, the pain I felt after this, was pretty intense. I spent the rest of that day watching movies on my sofa and eating my weight in ice cream.

The next day, I woke up feeling back to normal, all the pain had subsided and I had a new form of expression. A smile I was proud of. Now my only task was getting used to actually using it. I’d ask my sister ridiculous questions, like ‘how do you smile?’ or ‘do I look weird like this?’ it took so much getting used to, but it was a problem I was definitely happy to have.

If any of you are thinking of going down the veneer route, to put your mind at ease, the process is relatively simple, and in all honesty, the most painful part for me was allowing Dr David to take close up’s of my mouth whilst I just sit there wondering how bad and stupid I look.

I know I started sharing the news of my veneers on Instagram from the get go, but I wanted to allow at least a few months before doing a full review and I’m so pleased to let you know that after three months, I haven’t dealt with a single issue. If you’re thinking about getting any dental work done I’d highly recommend Dr Apa’s clinic, all of the doctors there know exactly what they’re doing and trust me when I say, you’ll be in good hands.

Happy Smiling! 

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