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Making Time

February 28, 2017


One of the most frequent questions Natalya and I both get asked is, how do you spend your time running a business together?

We are sisters, very close friends (I’d go as far to say best friends) and we live in two different continents let alone countries. We have to speak to each other every single day for work, and of course for personal reasons too, and when we do get to spend time together we’re very careful with how we split our time professionally and personally.

We understand that a lot of these questions come from friends or sisters in a similar situation to ours who are trying to cope with the discipline of work/life, so in light of our most recent collaboration with CLUSE, we’ve decided to use the subject of time to highlight some tips for balancing just that.

We collaborated with CLUSE to bring you this post. All opinions remain our own. 


Natalya and I communicate every single day for work. We use WhatsApp to discuss things quickly and we also schedule in daily Skype calls bearing in mind the four hour time difference for both of us.

When we do Skype about work, we try and make sure that we stick to work conversation, otherwise it can get very distracting! We dedicate time to the subject at hand, and then we can go into sister mode and talk until we’re blue in the face about pretty much everything else.

When we are in the same country as each other, we plan out itineraries, making sure that there are portions of each day dedicated to shooting, planning or meetings. This sounds demanding, but it’s also fun because being your own boss means that we decide where we’re having our meetings. It could be somewhere super cool with amazing food and coffee, or we can just hang back and work from one of our home offices in our pyjamas all day.

We’ve been working together for over five years, and trust me it was not always as smooth sailing as it is now. We learned that communication was our biggest ally and as long as we are both aware of what it is we’re supposed to be doing, then we are both on the same page. Of course, that’s harder with so much distance between you, but we’ve found a rhythm with how we work and it’s going really well for us.

Our biggest tip for all those in a similar situation is to make sure that you’re both ready for the commitment, sometimes one of you will be more prepared or a little resistant than the other, and until you’re both ready to give 100% to your business, it will be difficult.

Here’s to all our fellow female bosses and those in the making. We are huge supporters of everyone who is working hard and we wish you the most success.