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En Route to Epic

February 16, 2017


All our avid readers will know that I’m no stranger to documenting my health and fitness. I’ve been blessed to have been introduced to a healthy lifestyle in one of the most fun and epic ways I could ever imagine, my half marathon in San Francisco with Nike over three years ago, and today, I’m still on it.

There have definitely been some ups and downs, some months that went by where I neglected everything and had to start from scratch, but my wedding last September was a huge catalyst for me to get back into gear and I’m so proud to say that I have officially been in training consistently for the past 12 months, well almost…

Half of me wishes that I had an opportunity to share my fitness update with you a couple of months ago, before Christmas and my honeymoon came into effect, because I have definitely let go slightly from my clean eating and 4 days a week of training, but there’s nothing quite like some new gear to get me back in the mood.


Although running hasn’t been what I’ve continued to focus on, it still remains a vital part of my training, and I learned a long time ago that if you’re not geared up correctly you can affect your performance or cause injury. If you’re planning on getting started, the best thing to do is sort out an appointment for a gait analysis, this way an expert from Nike can assess your running style and advice on the best shoe for you.

One of the newest additions to their running collection is the Lunar Epic 2 and I got my hands on a pair last week. I’ve been so obsessed with wearing them since. They have a Flyknit body offering super lightweight support and they are finished with a vanishing fit, which I love. The pressure-mapped outsole adds a padded cushion to your run and it’s genuinely like walking (or running) on two pillows.

If you’re reading this and hoping to be able to share the news with your friends or family or even your own readers that you too have stuck to a workout regime for over a year, I’d love to offer one tiny little tip. Getting started is the hardest part, and for me, the best way to overcome that annoying feeling of going to the gym or hitting the track is to simply get dressed and tie up my shoes. Even if I don’t make it that day, at least my intentions were there, and slowly but surely, you’ll end up where you want to be.

This post is in collaboration with Nike. My thoughts, love and recommendation of the brand are all my own.



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