Current Favourites

February 13, 2017


I can’t tell you how often I attempt to get a round up of my current favourites for you, so I’m really excited to be sharing a few of my favourite things with you that I’ve either been raving about for ages (Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette) or newcomers into my life that I’m know obsessed with (‘Get You’ by Daniel Caeser). So here it goes, hope you enjoy.

Jewellery Stand

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having your shit together, and that concerns your clothes, shoes and accessories. I personally find it so hard to remember to wear half the stuff I own because I just never see it, it’s always shoved in a. drawer somewhere or left in a pouch from one of my travels, so when my hubby bought my Natalya this jewelry stand as one of her Christmas presents, I instantly copied her and got the same one. I love being able to alternate my pieces on here, and it’s a nice reminder for me to wear more jewellery.


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I have been wanting to get my hands on Replica, ever since the lovely PR introduced me to it in Jan 2015. Natalya and I were hooked and couldn’t wait for the release date. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get these fragrances into my collection but I’m so pleased it finally is.


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Get You

I’m not sure if Jenai being an ex-DJ is a good or bad thing. Good because I’m sonsitently privy to tracks by my favourite artists that aren’t going to be released for a while and he’s always introducing me to new and amazing artists, or bad because it’s made me the laziest musical person on the planet. I used to be obsessed with creating playlists, researching and coming across new sounds, and now I kind of leave it all to him, but I can’t complain, because he has just recently into’d me to Daniel Caeser and I can’t tell you how amazing his voice is. Ugh so good.

Have a listen here 

Cocoa Blend

 If you know me, then for sure you’ll associate my daily make up with this palette. Believe it or not, I only just got into eyeshadow in 2016. I had only learned how to do a liquid eyeliner the year before and so it’s been a slow progress for my make up knowledge but when I come across a product that works well, I know how to stay loyal and the Cocoa Blend palette by Zoeva is by far one of my most used products in my arsenal. I have been promising to do a tutorial following so many questions via my Snapchat (before I quit Snap) and my Instagram and Instagram Stories, so I swear, as soon as I can shoot one, I will.


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Urban Outfitters Home

Ever since the pressure of planning and having our wedding was off, it was time for me to turn my focus to styling up and making our little London flat a home (for the time being) and so I’ve been on the hunt for new additions to make our space as cosy as possible and these two finds from Urban Outfitters have been perfect to adding some Hygge to the mix. As part of my long list of promises, more snippets of our home will be featured on here more often.


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