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Lady in Red

February 9, 2017


When my friend Frances sent me a piece from her newly launched fashion brand dedicated to cool bridesmaids, I knew that the backdrop of Royal Mansour would do it justice. I swooshed around the grounds of the hotel in this full-length gown feeling like princess Jasmine. There’s something so magical about being as girly as can be, especially when you’re in such regal surroundings.

If you’re a bride to be, bridesmaid, or you just want to feel kick-ass for a special occasion, I can’t recommend Rewritten anymore, the quality, look and feel tick all the boxes. Plus I think it’s amazing that two women took the plunge, left their stable jobs and started something new, and it’s definitely needed. Even though I’m so happy with the outcome of my bridesmaid gang on our wedding day, I can’t tell you the struggle it was to get to that point.