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Saint-Tropez First Timers

October 23, 2016



Where to sleep, eat and beach

Natalya and I don’t usually get to travel with each other often. We have a really unique dynamic of being super close but living these incredibly busy lives across the world from each other. Although we make the time to Skype and voice note every day, there’s nothing quite like some sisterly time exploring new and beautiful places together, so we used our cousin’s wedding in Saint-Maxime this Summer as the perfect excuse to meet in Nice and discover Saint-Tropez.

Neither of us has ever rented a car and driven anywhere unfamiliar before, so this experience was a first for us both. We landed in Nice about an hour apart from each other’s flights, rented a cute Fiat and took to the road for a 1 hour and 50-minute drive to Saint-Tropez. We spent four days in that beautiful town and discovered a couple of noteworthy places to share with you so we hope you enjoy our mini round up of where to sleep, eat and beach if you ever find yourself in the area.


WHITE 1921

Location- Place Des Lices

Upon booking White 1921 and seeing the pictures of the hotel on their website, I immediately pictured myself here. It was exactly what I wanted in a hotel for Saint-Tropez, luxurious, boutique, cool and of course most importantly, located perfectly.

Natalya and I checked into our ground floor room and immediately set off to explore the terrace, adjacent to Celiné and Fendi. You can’t get more Saint-Tropez than that and if we were any more reckless with our bank accounts, it could have been very damaging, but thankfully shopping was the last thing on our minds, this trip was all about exploring the place we’d both had on our must-visit lists since we were teenagers.

White 1921 is one the nicest and cosiest places I’ve stayed at and I can’t wait to return, I love the simplicity of the decor, the yummy breakfast and the super friendly staff and very helpful concierge, who by the way were able to help us get into all the restaurants and beach clubs we wanted to go to, regardless of the fact that we had all of zero bookings in advance.


DIOR Des Lices

Location- Place Des Lices

Dior was around the corner from our hotel, and really no trouble to get to at all, so of course, we had to stop by, even if it was just for that famous cappuccino. We ended up having lunch and although the food is fantastic if you’re not in the mood to spend just under €200 for a two course meal (that’s without ordering wine) then maybe grab lunch somewhere else.

The atmosphere is so relaxing and you can’t beat a relaxing lunch in the shade of that gorgeous building.


Rent a car 

Discover the coast 

Stroll along the dock 

Watch the sunset from Ermitage Hôtel 

Visit the Chanel House 


Le Club 55 

Location- 43 Boulevard Patch

The weather in Saint-Tropez at the end of August is incredible so of course, a beach day has to be done. Although we’d heard amazing things about Club 55 and we’re happy to recommend it to you, there are some things you should know before going. For those of you who are a little more schooled in fancy places and what the deal is when going, you probably already know this, but Natalya and I are total newcomers to beach clubs in the French Peninsula, so:

Definitely, book in advance, you need a reservation, and sometimes this may be necessary to do at least a month in advance.

Expect to pay around €25 Euros each for a bed on the sand and extra if you require an umbrella

Make sure to take your own towel because these aren’t provided with the price tag. We didn’t bring our own, so we were ushered to their boutique where they were selling towels for, what for it…€120. Yes, I know, it’s enough to make you feel like there’s something wrong with the world. Obviously,we didn’t take up that option and instead purchased a couple from one of the guys selling things up and down the beach.

Expect slow service on busy days. We waited at least 20 minutes for a bottle of water. Not ideal on a hot day.

In all honesty, as much of an experience it is to go to these places, the public beach, right next to it (which is literally separated  by a bit of rope) would have worked fine for us. In the end, we ditched our lunch reservation and this place altogether and headed off to our cousin’s villa for a BBQ.