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Top Five Healthy Places To Eat In NYC

October 18, 2016



5 Places To Try

This is definitely not in keeping with the chronological order of what’s been happening in my life since my New York trip in June, but it’s all good because posts like this are always classics.

When I was in New York it was just a mere six months until my wedding date (can’t believe how quickly that has actually flown by)and I was like a dog with a bone, holding onto my training schedule with everything I could muster. My trainer suggested I avoid wheat until after the wedding and she hit me with the news the morning after I landed in one of my all time favorite food cities in the world so needless to say, sticking to a somewhat ‘diet’ was more than a challenge.

The good news is, though, cutting out pizza and pasta doesn’t mean that New York hasn’t got anything yummy to offer, on the contrary, the city is full of options which don’t leave you feeling as though you’re missing out. I had one of the best foodie weeks of the year trying out all of the below, so I thought it was only fair to share them with you all, and it’s good to note that although I opted for the healthy options at each of these places, there are definitely some choices for those not on a wheat ban.

Cha Cha



Location- 373 Broome Street

 Ok, this isn’t necessarily food but who doesn’t love a bit of matcha? I’m clearly not alone because this spot is dedicated to the green goodness. The decor is super cute, the drinks menu is varied and they have one or two sweet treats that are worth breaking your diet for.

  Egg Shop  



Location- 151 Elizabeth Street

I can’t take all the credit for rounding up this list, I have never been so inundated with suggestions before and it’s mainly thanks to my Snapchat crew for sending over so many amazing suggestions and Egg Shop was suggested more than once so a visit was for sure on the cards.

I loved this little spot, the tables and chairs reminded me of being in my old school lunch hall and the menu is so simple. I opted for a salad with some poached eggs and Carrie tried a classic scrambled eggs and biscuit combo.

  by Chloe



Location- 185 Bleecker Street

 Trying out by CHLOE wasn’t a first for me, after last year’s experience I knew I wanted a repeat so waiting 20 minutes in line was always going to be worth it. It’s such a little hotspot in one of my favourite areas of Manhattan and it’s the perfect fix for a quick lunch, just don’t expect a very comfortable sitting as it’s pretty much every man for themselves in there. It can get so packed you almost feel like you should just eat and bounce in order not to get scolding looks from fellow diners waiting for a place to sit.  It’s probably worth avoiding lunch times and going with a friend so you can tag team with one of you queuing for the food and the other on a look out for a table and seat.

 It’s probably worth avoiding lunch time at it’s peak and going with a friend so you can tag team with one of you queuing for the food and the other on a look out for a table and seat.

Café Henrie



Location- 116 Forsyth Street

I’m not going to even pretend that Café Henrie wasn’t only on the list because it has pink tables. That was 100% the reason why we ventured here but luckily if you don’t revolve your dietary requirements around whether or not the setting is Instagram-worthy, then you’ll still love it because their dragon bowl salad was one of my favourite meals that week. So, so good.

  The Butcher’s Daughter




Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the food here, I was still a little full from lunch when we stumbled upon it, but I did try one of their smoothies and as well as falling in love with that, I adored the decor and Scandi vibe. The service is a little slow during busy periods but I do want to go back to try their brunch, it looks like the perfect place for a Sunday.