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Evening Skincare Routine

September 10, 2016



By Natalya Kanj / Photography Reem Kanj

Living in such a humid and hot climate, I’m extra vigilant when it comes to taking care of my skin. Plus, I like to keep up with all the makeup trends so I need to make sure I have the perfect canvas to start off with.

People often forget that the cleaner and healthier your skin, the better makeup goes on and looks, so my skincare ritual is a vital step in my beauty routine. I am an advocate for organic, natural or plant-based products, to make sure I give my skin the best care possible. It’s always so hard, after a long day to prioritise your routine, but it’s so important to remember to do so each and every night, so here’s a sneak peek into what I consider to be one of the most important parts of my day: my evening ritual.



Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

To start, I turn to Clinique. I’ve been using their products since as far back as I can remember, they’re one of the trustworthy brands that would guarantee a “yes, ok” if I asked my mum whether I could use products on my face. I like to always keep in mind their mantra: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Their 3 Step Introduction Kit is a must have, as in the heat my skin can get a bit oily. I use the Skin Type 3 version, which comes with Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I start by gently washing my face with the facial soap, apply a thin layer of the clarifying lotion with a cotton ball and then apply the moisturizing gel evenly over my face.



Dr. Andrew Weil 

Another fantastic product I use is the Mega-Bright Illuminating Cleanser, part of the collection led by Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins. It’s a gentle foaming cleanser which brightens as well as purifies with the use of a clever little flower, rosa roxburghii, leaving my skin radiant. I love this product.




Origins MegaBright Dark Circle Minimizer

A product I cannot live without – which I call my little-hidden gem – is the Origins MegaBright Dark Circle Minimizer. Like so many women I know, puffiness and dark circles creep up when I’ve been working too hard. This little beauty is truly a miracle worker: I gently dab this super-light cream under my eyes every morning and night, and it zaps puffiness and makes eyes look brighter and more awake. It’s made up of gorgeous natural ingredients like white peony, ume and magnolia.



DarphinJasmine Aromatic Care

My final step is to press a beautiful, natural oil into my skin. I use Jasmine Aromatic Care, an essential oil elixir from iconic French brand Darphin. The jasmine is hand-picked before sunrise to preserve its potency. Add in scents of ylang-ylang and rosewood, and not only does it smell wonderful, I wake up with smooth fresh skin, ready to start my day.