London Outfit

What to Wear for Summer in London

August 28, 2016



By Reem Kanj / Photography Carrie

I’m not going to complain about the weather in London being so beautiful over the past couple of months, because so many people enjoy it that way, personally I prefer London in Autumn, I feel like the city is at it’s best and knows who she is when it’s a little cooler, but the subject of what to wear for Summer in London I feel is a valid one.

I never know what to wear in the heat without looking like I’m headed to the beach, it’s so hard to balance and I know I’m not alone because so many of my friends have the same complaints.

I put together a shirt with some denim shorts one day, accessorised with a belt and fell in love with this combo. It works so well for meetings and running around when it’s too hot and sticky to care too much about anything. I also tried a similar look for date night but switched out the shirt for something black and silky,  added heels, and a top knot to finish it off.


BLOUSE: L’Acadamie | SHORTS: ASOS | BELT: Gucci | Sneakers: NIKE x Liberty | NECKLACES: Annoushka & Missoma