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What To Do in Willamsburg : A Guide

August 11, 2016



Food & Shopping

 The first time I visited Brooklyn was last November during my trip to New York, with Natalya and Farrah and I absolutely fell in love, so this time around, I wanted to share some of my favourite things of where to eat, shop and shop for things to eat.

There’s so much to do in Williamsburg, so Carrie and I put aside an entire day for it and we ambitiously started off by walked across the Williamsburg bridge to get to our destination. In hindsight it was definitely not the smartest idea, the weather was in the thirties (degrees celsius) and we just couldn’t escape the heat for that hour, I ended up arriving in Williamsburg, a hot, grumpy, sweaty mess with a couple of new blisters on my feet, but it didn’t stop us from having a fun day.

I’ve put together some of my favourite things to do and even though I’m missing a couple of musts like going to the Wythe and checking out their rooftop, this handful of tips should keep you busy.

Hope you enjoy…



LOCATION- 544 Union Ave

Our first stop in Williamsburg was re-union which was suggested by the gorgeous Noelle, and a new discovery for me. I loved the menu which comprised of everything I would be attracted to (greens) and everything Carrie would be attracted to (carbs) it was perfect. I ended up opting for the kale salad which was delicious and Carrie opted for the world’s biggest pancake and I can’t believe she actually almost finished it. Very impressed.


LOCATION-121 Wythe Ave

Going to Heatonist was an absolute necessity for me because the last time I was in New York, Natalya, Farrah and I stumbled upon it and we went a little crazy in there…

There was no change, this time, around. I spent a good $100 on the good stuff and everything from the experience of tasting all the options to the sheer novelty of it being a hot sauce store(!) in the first place just makes it a must visit anyway.

If you do go, get the honey hot sauce and thank me later.



LOCATION-93 Wythe Ave

Again, another repeat visit since my last trip, but MatchaBar on Wythe Ave is such a cool spot for a little matcha fix, it was awesome going in and heating up with a warm coconut milk matcha latte last November, and perfect on this hot and sticky day for a nice, refreshing cool down with an iced matcha latte this time around. So good.


LOCATION- 219 Bedford Ave

If there’s one stop you have to make when in Williamsburg, it’s at Catbird. Such a cute store full of beauty and home related goodness you never knew you needed so badly, including a beautiful collection of jewellery.

I wasn’t able to take pictures in-store because it was so busy, but trust me, it’s totally worth a visit. I stocked up on some really cute greeting cards for future occasions, a rose lip scrub and some star shaped sparklers which I’m saving for my upcoming wedding day. Absolutely love it there.