Dinarobin Mauritius

April 22, 2016



Dinarobin, Beachcomber Tours.

I’m trying to keep you updated with all my posts as chronologically as possible, it’s a little difficult as I’ve done so much travel in the past four weeks, and have so much I want to share with you instantly (like this), but before I start going crazy with an influx of features. I really want to finish telling you about my incredible trip to Mauritius. 

I shared my first resort experience with you at Royal Palm, and a little bit of the local beauty of the island, so now the focus is on the second portion of my trip and my experience at the beautiful Dinarobin hotel. 

At first glance, all you will notice when pulling into the hotel is the magnificent Le Morne peninsula acting as the most epic backdrop a resort could wish for. Directly after that, your eyes go directly to the all the water surrounding you because Dinarobin has one of the largest pools I’ve come across, perfectly positioned to look as though it blends straight into the ocean. 

A dip or two in there was definitely necessary to tick off the list before checking out.  

 Special thanks to Beachcomber Tours for the hospitality. 



Dinarobin, Beachcomber Tours. 

Of course, a spa experience is always going to add to any vacation, and stepping into the Dinarobin spa was nothing short of zen. The open ceilings meant that Le Morne could be viewed from all angles and the dark blue tiles of the pool made it so tempting to revitalise after a relaxing full body massage. After we were all done with our treatments we just stayed put enjoying the green tea and hanging out in the calm surroundings before heading off to explore more of the resort. 



Dinarobin, Beachcomber Tours. 

Dinarobin is so vast with so many rooms you need buggies to travel around the resort, it also boasts three private villas available for groups of up to eight people, all with beachfront access and a private pool as well as an outdoor bar. It’s the perfect setting for a group of friends vacationing together or even large families. The girls and I had access to one of the villas for a day and we enjoyed a cooking class by one of the hotel’s chefs, I learned how to make a super yummy fish curry as well as other traditional Mauritian dishes. 

Towards the evening, a bonfire was being set up and we also got to experience the most surreal sunset I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. The sky was at least ten different shades of pink, purple and orange, it was absolutely stunning. 

Now might be a good time to mention how gutted I am because the majority of my pictures from my stay at Dinarobin were actually corrupted on my memory card, so there’s only so much I’m able to share from this beautiful day, so trust me when I say these images don’t do it enough justice. 



Dinarobin, Beachcomber Tours. 

So I’ll be 100% honest with you, when I first checked into my room at Dinarobin, it was dark, I had just left the stunning 6 star recently renovated Royal Palm and my initial thoughts on the hotel were on the underwhelming side of the spectrum. However, that all changed when I started to really experience the resort for what it was. It was full of life, the service was brilliant and the amount to explore and enjoy was more than we could tick off before leaving. 

On our second day at Dinarobin, we took an excursion into the depths of the Indian Ocean scouting for dolphins. I surprised myself when I let go of my irrational fear of the sea (again) and dove in. I actually got to swim with wild dolphins and the second I saw them swimming by me, I lost all sense of fear and my surroundings, it was like having an out of body experience and I will never forget that feeling! 

Towards the last few days of our trip, the girls and I found our favourite new hangout spot courtesy of Butik Bar located right on the beach, just a short walk away from my room. We would spend hours just hanging out on the bean bags or sun loungers, talking all kinds of nonsense, sipping on coconuts or cocktails waiting to see if we’d be blessed with yet another magical sunset like the one from our first night. 

The whole resort gave me a sense of nostalgia for what it was like to travel with my family when I was younger but it was equally as fun to be there as an adult with a group of women who were just the best company I could have asked for. 

I would love to re-visit Dinarobin for some more of that fresh and tasty cuisine, a change to be in the presence of Le Morne again, it was as though I was on the film set of Lost or something, every time I looked up it was just insane and of course to get another dip in that ginormous pool.



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