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A Christmas Gift

December 13, 2015



By Reem Kanj / Photography Carrie Harwood

Natalya and I have been so busy with getting all of our travel content up that you’d almost think Christmas didn’t exist in our world right now, but believe me it does. If you follow me on Snapchat (@reemkanj) you’d have seen me shriek like an over excited five year old last week, as I finally got around to buying a Christmas tree. Having the time of my life decorating it with fairy lights and ornament shopping (sad but true).

Next on my Christmas to-do list, is presents. I keep a small circle of friends, so I never have too many to get, but one person I’m adding to the list this year is my sister Natalya. Weird I know, we never get each other anything for Christmas, mainly justifying that by never being together during the holiday season, is it worth getting presents? This year however, (spoiler alert), I partnered with UGG to help me gift her something I know she’ll love no matter how far apart we may be.

During our teenage years, UGG boots were ‘the thing’ and we would work extra hard to stack up the cash and purchase a pair each at least once a year. Usually we were really good at splitting the cost of stuff and sharing, but you can’t do that with a pair of UGG boots, they’re too personal. Of course we both went for the same colour (Chestnut) and got into hundreds of arguments about which pair were mine and which were hers.



After hearing about the UGG monogramming service they provide in-store, I loved the idea of going down memory lane and purchasing both of us the same pair we got many years ago. But this time with our initials on them. It’s a great way to make something that little bit more unique and special, but in this case I thought it was a lovely way to add a little nostalgia to the gift (while secretly thinking this would mean I would win any argument over which pair were actually mine).

UGG’s are the perfect addition to my cosy loungewear and I know they will be for Natalya too. It may be plus 20 degrees in Dubai during the winter, but the air conditioning inside tells a different story and you can’t beat the cosy factor, no matter what climate you’re in.

Sorry to ruin your surprise sis, but you know I’m terrible with surprises.