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Fusion Maia Da Nang

December 5, 2015



By Reem Kanj / Photography Carrie Harwood. 

I mentioned in my first Vietnam feature that my stay at the Fusion Maia Da Nang could not have come at a better time. I was in the middle of a few personal issues that I wanted to forget about as well as at a place in my career where I really just needed to slow down before mentally exploding.

Fusion Maia Da Nang is a resort known for helping you achieve ultimate relaxation, wellbeing and great for helping you practise mindfulness. After one week at this beautiful resort I left feeling revitalised and grateful for new everyday practises to take home with me.

From the spacious suites, which all come with a private garden and pool, to the delicious health focused food, my needs as a guest were well looked after. At first glance my itinerary was a little scary with multiple 5am wake up calls for yoga on the beach, but thanks to jet lag, I eased into this very well and in fact, really miss starting my days so early on such a positive, endorphin rich way.

I had so many questions about the resort on my snapchat as I documented my stay daily, so I really hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about it in detail below.

Special thanks to Kuoni Uk and Fusuin Maia Da Nang for the generous hospitality. As well as Vietnam Airlines for my travel. 



As part of acting mindfully, Fusion Maia Da Nang organised a visit to one of the local buddhist orphanages which they support. It’s something I was both excited and nervous about doing, I’m hugely maternal and I love kids but seeing them in this capacity is not emotionally easy.

Before arriving at the Quang Chau Children’s Center, we made a stop at a local store, stocking up on milk, wet wipes, nappies and anything else the children might need.

The orphanage was founded by a buddhist nun who has dedicated her life to providing a home for over 100 kids and at least five elderly homeless women. It was so inspiring to meet her and learn more about her dedication.

When I was there we mostly interacted with the babies and toddlers, you can see that they are well looked after in terms of cleanliness, nutrition and general safety, however you quickly learn that what they are truly in lack of is affection. The women in the orphanage, whether volunteers or staff, do the best they can but there are only 16 of them to care for over 100 children, so as you can imagine there’s only so much attention that can be shared.

Visiting an orphanage helps you put so much into perspective and since leaving Vietnam, I haven’t stopped thinking about the experience. I’m so grateful to Fusion Maia for giving me the opportunity to understand another side to Vietnam, it’s not every day that a resort of this caliber will offer up a chance for their guests to do something outside of the ‘luxury’ remit, but I now can’t think of my Vietnam trip being complete without this experience.



5am wake up calls at first glance didn’t really seem like my ‘thing’, but I have to admit, waking up super early and witnessing an epic sunrise whilst attempting my best downward facing dog in a beautifully decorated yoga circle on the beach is something I really miss.

Fusion Maia makes looking after yourself both spiritually and physically seem like a breeze. I would finish yoga and then delve straight into a delicious and health focused breakfast, which you can have anytime, anywhere.

I usually struggle to keep on track with my food habits when travelling. I genuinely prefer eating clean and when I travel, a lot of that goes out of the window because not many places cater for it. With Fusion Maia, breakfast, lunch and dinner was easy to stay on track with but the best thing was, if you felt like cheating, there were plenty of regular options too.



Fusion Maia is an all inclusive spa resort. Pause for reaction. Yes, as many massages as your body can handle a day.

We scheduled in two hours a day for treatments and those two hours are dearly missed. I would opt for a hand or foot massage to go with a classic full body or try our something different like their stretch massages and I was never short of options thanks to their extensive spa menu.

I’d spend most of my free time on the trip shooting as much as possible but made sure to allocate some time to enjoy the beautiful array of pools, be it the  private pool in my suite, the spa pool with accompanying waterfall or the huge infinity pool overlooking the sea, there was no way I was leaving the resort without jumping in all of them.