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May 25, 2015



By Natalya Kanj / Photography Reem & Natalya Kanj

It’s always fun when Reem and I can get in front of the camera together, even more so when it involves just being totally natural and in our element. One of the most enjoyable days we had during her recent trip to Dubai was when the two of us, plus my amazing soon-to-be brother in law, jumped in a Nissan Patrol and headed down a long road to nowhere.

This was the first time I experienced a Nissan Patrol and once I got over it’s size (it’s huge), I really got into the ease of driving it. Considering how big and powerful it is, I felt really in control and comfortable, if you’ve ever driven in Dubai, you’ll know size does matter here.

Driving towards the desert, I soon understood why the Patrol has been nicknamed as “The hero of all terrains in life”, there is a different setting for almost anything you might encounter and for me it was the ‘sand’ button that got me out of a few tricky spots during our mini road trip. Unfortunately there wasn’t a button to shut Reem up, who thought trying to tell me how to drive the entire time was in some way productive. It was not.

We headed off in aim of finding a recluse desert, and after a couple of minutes on the sand, we actually decided it was a lot more fun to take advantage of one of the long empty roads we encountered. There’s no better feeling than knowing you are nowhere in particular, half way between lost and your destination, but not really caring either way. Either that or it was nice not being stuck in traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road for once.

We parked the Patrol by the side of the road and enjoyed the sunset before heading back to the city, only to be welcomed by typical Dubai rush hour and I’m ashamed to admit, a hot flash of road rage. I’ll take this opportunity to once again apologies to Reem and Jenai for being a total drama queen on that drive back home.