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Getting Back On Track

March 11, 2015



By Reem Kanj / Photography Carrie Harwood

This time last year I was still coming down from my epic high of having completed my first half marathon in beautiful San Francisco with Nike. I was also busying myself with a brand new, jam packed training schedule for my then, upcoming triathlon. Unfortunately since my tri last August, I’m sad to admit that I have been neglectful of my once loved fitness regime.

There have been lots of celebrations over the past year and with those comes food, and lots of it and I’ve definitely found myself tilting the scales by a few too many pounds. Now it’s officially time to kick start my butt back into my old habits of waking up and going for a 5K, as well as start what I’ve always wanted to try, weight training.

To help me get back in the mood, so to speak, I’ve been wearing my activewear all the time. Be it to meetings, running errands or just being at my desk editing and working. I’m hoping that it will help me battle at least some of the excuses that are so easy to rise up every time you want to hit the gym or go for a run. For me, it’s always, the “I can’t be bothered to get dressed for it” excuse.

I’ve also teamed up with V Water, the latest in zero sugar and essential vitamin goodness to help me stay healthy and full of those every day useful minerals such as zinc (great for my skin) and selenium (good for my metabolism) as I try my hand at this fitness thing again. Wish me luck!