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Postcards from Rangali Island

March 5, 2015



By Reem Kanj / Photography Reem & Natalya Kanj

I don’t even know where to begin when trying to explain just how memorable and beautiful our trip to the Maldives was. Reem and I were so excited to finally be on a vacation with our mum. The three of us have never made a huge effort to spend this much quality time together and it was far too long over due.

We booked a five day stay at the stunning Conrad on Rangali Island, and apparently, when it comes to visiting the Maldives, depending on which hotel you choose, makes or breaks your vacation. Luckily, we chose well because The Conrad was everything and more than you expect from an island getaway.

Eventually it stopped feeling like a hotel and more of a home away from home in this paradise land.Being able to walk around barefoot and relax on the serene beaches was exactly what we had in mind when picturing our vacation and a second visit to The Conrad is high on our priority list, because to tell you the truth, once you’ve been it’s hard to imagine never returning.

We’ve collated so many images so beware, this post is a lot larger then usual but it makes for some decent day-time escapism.





Conrad, Rangali Island

Reem, mum and I had a stunning water villa to call home and it was just perfect. Picture two beautiful bedrooms, a bathtub rivalling the size of most London flats and a terrace with the ocean as your own private pool. We didn’t spend much time indoors (obviously) but when we did, it was homely, comfortable.

At times it even felt surreal, being surrounded by the water was so therapeutic and there were so many windows and open spaces to take it all in. We’d go to sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves gently crashing, and when you were in the shower or (giant) bathtub, you could even spot schools of fish or baby sharks swimming in the ocean.



Conrad, Rangali Island

Reem and I decided it was time to face our irrational fear of the deep blue and ventured off, by boat to the middle of the Indian Ocean with some of the staff from the hotel. We snorkelled in a reef of a nearby island and the experience was unforgettable. The minute I put my head under the water and saw all the coral and fish, my fears were forgotten.

We’re both kicking ourselves for not investing in some underwater camera cases, because we can’t share the moments we got to swim side by side with some turtles, or when we spotted Nemo and Dori. Luckily sharks no larger than the one pictured below were seen, but apparently reef sharks are very harmless and aren’t very interested in us anyway.



Conrad, Rangali Island

If we weren’t booked in for a massage at the overwater spa, or a yoga class on the beach, we were cooling off in the crystal clear waters or paddle boarding across the island.  Rangali Island has some of the most beautiful stretches of beach all three of us have ever come across, after breakfast, we’d pick a spot on one of the two islands and hang out all day.

When we had enough of that it was time to see to our appetites and The Conrad offers delicious cuisines at their restaurants. Koko Grill was a firm favourite as well as Ithaa, (their underwater restaurant). Our favourite had to be the lobster and champagne BBQ night. A table was set on the sand by the sea and the atmosphere and food ticked all the boxes. 



Conrad, Rangali Island

Of course we weren’t going all the way to the Indian Ocean without aiming to tick a few more things off of our bucket lists. We boarded one of the beautiful yachts at The Conrad and went on a dolphin cruise at sunset, although I didn’t do a very good job of snapping them, the dolphins visited us in such a fun and dramatic way. They were jumping, chasing after each other and a couple even did some twirls and spins in the air. It was one of the biggest highlights of our trip and so, so memorable.