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March 1, 2015

Nike / Training


By Natalya Kanj / Photography Reem Kanj

I’ve been meaning to share some of my recent weight loss journey with you all. I’ve always been a curvy girl, and there’s no wanting to change any of that, but it’s still no excuse for not being able to weigh in a little lighter.

I reigned in the help of a personal trainer friend of mine who put me on a strict schedule of 4-5 workouts a week, mainly being cardio and weight training, but more importantly he gave me a meal plan to stick to. It consisted of protein based meals, eating around 4-6 times a day with barely any carbs, and no refined sugar. I’ve always been a very fussy eater, and up until recently, never liked fruit or veg, but I decided that enough was enough and it was time to mature my palette and my way of thinking about what foods I put into my body.

I stuck to the meal plan and exercise for over 12 weeks and was so happy to see the weight just shed off. It was my first realisation that it really is all about what you eat. I’m sad to say that I’ve fallen off the wagon in recent weeks, especially during our vacation in the Maldives, but not all was lost, as we did make it to a couple of yoga classes on the beautiful white sand beaches of The Conrad and went for a few short runs across the bridge that connected the two islands.

Slowly but surely I’m getting back to my routine and just wanted to share my journey with you. It’s all about being the best versions of ourselves and if I continue on this path, I know I’ll get there. As usual, a huge thank you to Nike for always being a huge support.