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Shop The City

December 19, 2014



By Reem Kanj / Photography Ego by Design

Conrad London St James, got in touch about spending the weekend at their beautiful hotel in Westminster to experience their new ‘Shop The City’ package, which includes a shopping tour of partner luxury stores and boutiques in a chauffeur-driven Range Rover around London.

Pretty much everyone I know adores coming to London for shopping. Our high streets are some of the most famous worldwide and stores such as Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols are so popular they’ve even crossed international waters, and are now permanent fixtures in Dubai. 

I personally, haven’t enjoyed shopping in a long time, I’m too used to being on the go, so online shopping is always a preferred method for getting my wish list to my front door, but I thought I’d spark up an old love.

I must say, it’s a different experience when shopping with the luxury of having a car waiting for you outside, even being stuck in traffic was a secondary issue, I simply sat back and enjoyed the enchanting Christmas atmosphere as we made our way through London.

After buying enough teas, biscuits and mince pies to last me the next year from Fortnum & Mason, I headed over to Harvey Nichols for lunch with the hubby-to-be. Once I had my burger fix, and spent an unconceivable amount of money on a pair of gloves, it was time to head back to Conrad St James to haul through my newly purchased items and reluctantly say bye to our wonderful driver.