Collaboration London Outfit

Sheer Basics

December 12, 2014

When it comes to feeling confident and sexy, it all starts with the sheer basics, so my Annoushka bra from Agent Provocateur is the subtle star of my latest outfit. A red lip can take your look from being so-so, to so fabulous but there’s nothing quite like a hint of delicate black lingerie to go that one step further. The other day I roped in Carrie to my suite at the Brown’s Hotel to help me illustrate the beauty of wearing lingerie every day, which I am slowly trying to get into the habit of doing. I don’t mean a full on sexy set, suspenders and all, I just mean something beautiful, preferably matching and with enough ability to boost my confidence levels with one clasp of a bra strap.

In collaboration with Agent Provocateur. Photographed by Carrie, edited by Reem. 

Reem Kanj Agent Provocateur 1 Reem Kanj Agent Provocateur 4 Reem Kanj Agent Provocateur 6 Reem Kanj Agent Provocateur 8 Reem Kanj Agent Provocateur 9