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A Proposal

June 25, 2014

It’s been over a week since I’ve been back from Portugal and slowly getting back into my post holiday routine. With more upcoming trips this month and an inbox full of emails to attend to, I’ve had so much on my plate, that unless you follow me over on Instagram or are one of the few people on my personal Facebook then you might have missed the exciting news that I got engaged whilst on vacation in the beautiful Algarve.

The below images were taken a little bit after my now hubby-to-be proposed, I’m not going to go into much detail as we like to keep our relationship to ourselves, but this is too exciting to not share. On a Friday afternoon we chartered a yacht in the Marina, I thought he just surprised me with a fun date for the two of us, but it ended up docking on a private beach which Jenai actually rented, (who knew that you could do that?) I hadn’t noticed that the yacht left and when we were totally alone, he popped the question, it was literally just me, him and the ocean. Later our friends and family (including Natalya) picked us up on the yacht and we had a fun (albeit slightly queazy) party in the middle of the Atlantic. It was perfect.

Beautiful Marriage Proposal 1

I’m so excited and feel like a hundred birthdays have come at once (I love birthdays), Jenai and I have been together for five (fabulous) years and I thought this post would be a nice homage to our relationship as Five Five Fabulous is the reason we met. I was still a student at LCF looking for a web designer and was introduced to Jenai. After countless meetings about what I wanted in a site and whether I even wanted to be a blogger bla bla bla, we ended up becoming great friends and eventually falling for each other, but the most important thing is, I got my blog designed for free (just kidding! Or am I?)

Beautiful Marriage Proposal 3

Anyway, Five Five Fabulous will no doubt be taking an organic lean towards wedding content seeing as I now have a purpose for my ‘The Big Day’ board on Pinterest, and I’m so excited to start doing all the fun things that you can do when you’re planning a wedding and sharing my experiences and hopefully gaining some tips from some of you. By the way for those asking, the ring is completely bespoke, the diamond was ethically sourced and Jenai designed the setting himself, I kind of love that it’s totally unique to me.

Beautiful Marriage Proposal 5

A huge thank you to everyone for their amazing wishes of congratulations and the countless cards and flowers, it’s all been so incredibly sweet!

Beautiful Marriage Proposal 2