Collaboration London Outfit

Ghost Town

January 20, 2014

It’s not very difficult to be enchanted by London when she looks this beautiful. Albeit the fog may be hiding a lot of her ‘charming character’, but still there’s a lot to appreciate. Especially when you’re in the surroundings of picturesque Greenwich University, the fog makes this place even more magical, I almost feel bad for breaking the mysterious atmosphere in my outfit of rich colour and texture, but on second thought I don’t, it probably saved me from getting run over, (seriously it was hard to see past 50 meters in this weather).

Images by Kit Lee. Part three of a style series with GAP for their Styld.By platform. 

Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 1Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 5Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 8Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 7Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 4Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 6Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 3Reem-Kanj-1Reem Kanj GAP StyldBy 2

Jumper: GAP | Velvet Pants: GAP | Shoes: Alexander Wang (currently on sale) | Clutch: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Rings: Jacquie Aiche