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December 30, 2013

Whether it’s going to the gym more, loosing weight or toning up, any of the former must be one of the world’s most popular New Year resolutions. Since finishing the half marathon, I only stuck to my running for a bout two months before giving in to London’s stormy weather and limiting my workouts to that of the indoors using the Nike NTC app, it’s probably the best app on my phone (not including Instagram) but I have to admit, I am really missing my running so there’s nothing like a good old fashioned New Year resolution to get me going again, that, and of course a new wardrobe.

Some of my current wears are the Nike Tight of the Moment (December edition), my Free Flyknit’s in limited edition Tiffany blue (a congratulations gift I got in San Fran), my new best friend, the Nike Fuelband SE as well as my trusty Beats by Dre Mixr’s pumping some of my favourite tunes to help me get through what seems like the millionth full body pull up.

Can’t wait to share new challenges with you  in the new year. If you’re about to start your new year’s regime, then just try and remember three very helpful word, #JustDoIt!