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Salad with a Side of Shearling

December 1, 2013

There’s no better way of spending time with your mama then sharing a catch up over yummy food, so when I stumbled upon The Pantry in Jumeirah, I promptly invited mum to join me in eating delicious salads (not counting the odd parmesan sprinkled fry or two) on one easy going Wednesday afternoon. If you visit this quaint café make sure you try the beetroot salad and grilled halloumi salad, super delicious and with their generous portions, very filling.

It feels like I was in Dubai just yesterday, but in fact two months, one half marathon and a very dramatic seasonal change has occurred since then, so now I’m counting down the days to brunch dates with mum and laughing fits with Natalya, not to mention a reunion with this fabulous shearling Fendi.

Thanks for the pics mum!


Reem Kanj Dubai Fendi 1 Reem Kanj Dubai Fendi 3