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Five Five Fabulous X Louis Vuitton Part 1

October 10, 2013

Natalya and I have been keeping a little secret and it’s been so hard because we’ve had the best time experiencing this project and couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. When I was in Dubai recently, we learned about Louis Vuitton’s first ever dedicated shoe store located at Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall and were asked to be part of a world wide exclusive photoshoot.  To celebrate this new concept, the brand has designed and released exclusive shoes for the region in the most amazing metallic exotic skins.

The full set of images will be released next week on the Louis Vuitton international website but for now you can enjoy the journey that Natalya, myself and these fabulous shoes take across all of Dubai’s renowned landmarks. From posing on a moving abra on the Creek in Bastakiya to a more modern setting of the Burj Khalifa, we got to experience the city like never before and have fallen head over heels (excuse the pun) for Dubai all over again.

It has been a dream come true shooting with one of our favourite brands, especially as just at the beginning of the year I enjoyed my first Louis Vuitton show in Paris and now I get to finish off my year wearing that very collection for a photo shoot of theirs, a real ‘pinch me’ moment for both Natalya and I.

Look out for a spread in Grazia Middle East today and for more full length images coming to the blog next week, (we’ll also be posting some behind the scenes images on our Facebook and Pinterest pages too).


‘Magnetique’ at the Burj Khalifa (exclusive to Dubai) | ‘Movie Star’ at Burj Al Arab | ‘Martingale’ at Emirates Towers

Louis Vuitton Five Five Fabulous Shoes Dubai 5

‘Preppy’ loafers on The Palm


‘Suit Up’ loafers on The Palm | ‘Movie Star’ on The Creek

Louis Vuitton Five Five Fabulous Shoes Dubai 4

‘Movie Star’ on The Creek

Louis Vuitton Five Five Fabulous Shoes Dubai 2

‘Merit’ pump at Bastakiya

Louis Vuitton Five Five Fabulous Shoes Dubai 1

‘Frill’ pump at Bastakiya (colour exclusive to Dubai).

Thank you to Louis Vuitton, Capital D Studio and Illumin8 for being part of an unforgettable experience.