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Breakfast at the House of Dior

April 5, 2013

After having just experienced my first Dior show at Paris Fashion Week, you could imagine my excitement when I was welcomed into the House of Dior for a close up of Raff Simonns’ impeccable AW13 collection over breakfast the following week. I took my time enjoying the details of each piece, photographs hardly do them justice, but below are just some of my favourite looks and accessories.

Later I enjoyed dressing up a mannequin with one of the key looks from the runway in a mirrored (excuse the pun) studio set up to what the show space resembled. [Read my Dior AW13 review here.]

Reem Kanj Dior Paris



Dior-Breakfast-6 Dior-Breakfast-11 Dior-Breakfast-16 Dior-Breakfast-19




Dior-Breakfast-13 Dior-Breakfast-8 Dior-Breakfast-7 Dior-Breakfast-4 Dior-Breakfast-2 Dior-Breakfast-3

[Images belong to Five Five Fabulous].