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Beating the Trend with Beats by Dre

March 20, 2013

Apart from what you saw on the runways this season, there was a micro trend working its way around the fashion capitols. Models off duty, photographers and bloggers alike were all blocking out the noise with our Beats by Dre headphones. I’ve had mine for a while now, but it wasn’t until London and Paris fashion week that I got the most use out of them. Working late nights on my laptop, zoning out after a show and of course my journey home on the Eurostar from Paris. I am so glad they are trending there way into the fashion realm.

Reem Kanj Beats by Dre Headphones 5 Reem Kanj Beats by Dre Headphones 3 Reem Kanj Beats by Dre Headphones 2



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