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The 777 Tour with Rihanna: Berlin

November 22, 2012

Upon de-planing in Berlin we all headed straight to the venue as we weren’t staying over night. The venue was amazing, a huge industrial building with the best catering so far on this trip. We all had a bite to eat and then headed downstairs to hang out before the show. We bumped into Christine who organises Rihanna’s dressing rooms at venues and she ever so kindly took as around to see what Ri likes to have around when she’s prepping or relaxing after a show. I now know that accent pinks are a winner with Rihanna as well as Diptyque candles.

My HTC was out in full force throughout the 777 tour. 

Yummy catering thanks to the Germans. 

A sneak peek of the stage set up before the show. 

Access all areas. 

Bags upon bags of looks for Ri in her dressing room. 

Backstage for Rihanna.

 By the time we made it upstairs for Rihanna’s entry onto the stage, the venue was already bursting at the seams with people. It was impossible to get in but there was no way I was missing the opening track, ‘Cockiness’. We managed to get a spot by the door and stayed long enough to catch a glimpse of her amazing outfit for the evening. Rihanna wore a mesh vest with a printed marijuana leaf paired with a white trench coat which she later took off. I stayed for a few songs and then opted to listen from outside where I could actually move around and enjoy the music. The set was amazing and the crowd seemed to love it.

After the gig, we headed back downstairs and hung out with our favourite DJ’s Rhi’s stylist and Kenny, her drum technician until it was time to go.

Hanging out with DJ Reflex and DJ Congorock. 

A picture of a picture taken backstage. 

When everyone was packed up and ready to leave we headed back to the airport and endured the most entertaining bus ride of all time. Arieta literally did a stand up show for everyone on the bus, this included full on karaoke. It was hilarious, so much so, I was completely distracted and forgot my camera on the bus. Only realising I had done so after going through security at the airport. Luckily for me, Ralf the owner of the bus company ever so kindly hunted it down and delivered it back to me. Hence why this post is so late!

At the airport, Rihanna showed up and went through security and boarded the plane with all of us. It was just a hop skip and a jump to get to London, which is where everyone was excited to be headed so the plane was buzzing. This is what I heard anyway as I was still so tired from Stockholm, I slept the whole way and missed out on all the action. (Still regretting it.)

A peak at the track list for the shows. 

[All images taken by Reem on a Fujifilm and belong to Five Five Fabulous.]