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The 777 Tour with Rihanna: Stockholm

November 19, 2012

I think we reached the most exciting city in the world when we landed in Stockholm. We arrived at sunset and upon de-planing we boarded a bus with the band that took us straight to our hotel, which was absolutely stunning. Everyone was gearing up for the gig and we were all excited at the prospect of sleeping in a bed overnight for the first time on the tour.

Beautiful Stockholm.

The Grand Hotel, probably one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed in. 

After freshening up very quickly in our rooms we headed over to the venue, which was absolutely amazing, it was only a short walk away from the hotel and is by far my favourite, the beautiful people of Stockholm that filled it was a bonus addition. We had so much fun mixing with the crowd that after embarking on the catering backstage we decided to leave VIP and hang out with the audience downstairs.

The amazing Berns venue in Stockholm

The yummiest selection of desserts backstage.

Rihanna came on stage a little late but made up for it with one of the best sets of the whole tour, she of course looked flawless, wearing an American Apparel pair of denim shorts, Wolford body suit (braless) and Chanel belt and chain. Her hair was curled to one side and she had a very 1920’s pin up look going on.

‘Diamonds’ is such a big track and every time she performs it the crowd goes crazy

After her set, I ran back to the hotel to change into some sneakers so I could take advantage of dancing all night. We headed to the after party which was held in the club of the venue, the vibe was amazing, everyone was in a good mood and when Rihanna showed up it got even better. She instantly got behind the bar and started serving the tour party shots and drinks. At this point she had changed into a camouflage dress (I’ll be doing a full lowdown of each of her looks at the end of the tour).

Ri Ri enjoying one of her self served drinks. 

Lauren and I before the craziness began.

Carrying Jimmy Choo for the evening. 

Arie and DJ Congo Rock having fun.

I took full advantage of being energetic and stayed up to edit my Toronto post back at the hotel, probably a stupid idea in heinsight as it was a super early start in the morning. The next day (our should I say 2 hours later) I met up with everyone for breakfast before boarding the bus to get back home (the jet). This bus ride to the airport was probably one of my highlights of the trip so far, we had so much fun laughing, joking, swapping after party stories and generally having fun. We even made an impromptu pit stop at McDonalds (the band’s idea) for some good old fashioned rock star brunch.

After going through customs at the private check in we boarded the plane and made our way Paris.

[All images taken by Reem on a Fujifilm X10 and belong to Five Five]