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The 777 Tour with Rihanna: Toronto

November 16, 2012

The second leg of the 777 Tour was Toronto and baggage claim at the airport was a fun way to start the day, Rihanna showed up and took pics with fans and hung out for a little bit. At this point it’s hard to believe we’re only on the second day as it feels like forever but there isn’t a boring moment in sight, everyone is super sociable ready to get the next gig rolling.

We headed to our hotel to freshen up before getting some food with the rest of the crew. We went to a great little place called The Globe for dinner, the  food was so good I literally ate it so fast that taking a picture didn’t cross my mind! After dinner we headed to The Music Hall and took our seats for the show. Her fans in Toronto are insane and were out in full force. Rihanna wore another laid back look for the gig she wore baggy pants (very Margiela) and a crop top.

It feels as though Toronto was a quick trip as we still haven’t spent the night in any of the cities yet but all will change when we head to Stockholm! When we boarded our flight around 2am Canada time, I was expecting everyone to be pretty run down but in actual fact the plane party was in full swing again with Tequila shots being passed around and super yummy food thanks to the amazing Delta hosties. The flight to Stockholm was around eight hours so I decided to get a little sleep and before I knew it we had arrived in Sweden in time for the sunset. Until next time! Stay tuned on Instagram and Twitter for live updates.

My Access All Areas pass which is kept close by at all times! 

Natalie and I looking particularly tired but happy, 

All images taken by Reem on a Fujifilm X10 and belong to Five Five Fabulous.