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Five Five Fabulous Featured in YOU Magazine

February 12, 2012

“They’re given front row seats at all the shows, and are often the first to tap into a new trend. Sinead O’Connell meets four of fashion’s rising blog stars – and finds out what they’re clicking into for spring.”– Sinead O’Connell, Daily Mail. 

I am so excited and proud to present my first official piece of UK National press. Today I was featured in the Daily Mail’s Sunday supplement, YOU Magazine amongst the fabulous company of Laetitia Wajnapel of Mademoiselle Robot, Susie Lau of Style Bubble and Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras.

When I was approached by Sinead O’Connell to be featured in this article, the only thing running through my mind was ‘finally’! It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, networking and positivity to achieve something as wonderful as coverage in a national newspaper supplement such as YOU Magazine and I feel as though this article is my official welcome into the London fashion scene! So thank you readers for your continued readership and support and thank you Daily Mail and the team at YOU for regosnising all my efforts and for giving Five Five Fabulous some time to shine!

If you didn’t manage to catch the paper today, you can read the article online here.